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With Gratitude and Appreciation.

Hello, High! It's 4:20 on this last Hemp Day prior to the start of the holiday hustle and bustle. As we embark upon this season of gifting and giving, it's with gratitude and grace that we can bring people together during what is often a difficult time for most.

This year I'm drowning in gratitude.

It's been a long year -- productive, satisfying and filled with obstacles.

But as I take a moment to look back, it's been a year of growth and evolution.

  • We had a huge brand expansion by evolving our topical line and refining our formulation.

  • We expanded our footprint in NYS Medical Cannabis with new skus and new stores with Etain Health!

  • We made our way to Adult Use Cannabis stores with Union Square Travel Agency. Hello, HIGH -- we're in their holiday gift guide ... TWICE!!!

  • We were on shelf at Little Beach Harvest for their historic launch, and Chime&Chill AM was the first item scanned at the register!

  • And now we're launching a new oral solution to round out the day and a new item to that makes our story complete. Meet the TRIO ChimeCard! You get 3 single serving solutions in a story card with education and instructions.

More importantly, I'm grateful as could be watch my child laugh, walk and jump. Earlier this year, my son suffered bone marrow failure and a myraid of other issues that resulted in spinal surgery. Looking back, it seems hard to imagine that we started the year living in the hospital and rehabilitation center. And we walked out. Gratitude is an understatement.

It's usually during the unfortunate times that we see where people stand and who will truly stand beside us. It's in our moments of despair that we learn who will truly show up and be our community.

The truth is that a little support and encouragment goes a long way.

Life is never easy. For anyone. It's easy to be king. As I like to say "Kindness is Free -- Sprinkle that Shit EVERYWHERE." Remember that Tuesday, November 28th is Giving Tuesday.

To my wonderful support team, thank you for the kindness you have showered up on me and my boy. Your encouragement is everything.

May your holiday season be happy, healthy and humorous. See you next Wednesday!



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