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Regulation -- For our bodies & products

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

HIGH! What a Happy Hemp Day! We received all our updated NYS lab reports for our new production run of oral solutions! Four days after we submitted our samples, we have our finalized test reports that act as a safety net for customers to confirm that the product they purchase in dispensaries is safe and dosed exactly as we claim.

Working in children's toys, cosmetics and apparel, product safety testing isn't new to my workflow. Before products are imported into the US, material and component testing is done to avoid recalls and ensure child safety. One organic cosmetics company's slogan always stood out to me - "what you put on you, becomes a part of you."

Powerful words that resonated ... to a point. The skin creates a powerful barrier to protect us from outside stimuli. Although very few particles can penetrate past the epidermis, it made me start questioning and researching different ingredients. What was I putting on ME?

Working in the cannabis space, regulations are the backbone of the industry. In New York, whether your product is made from hemp or cannabis with THC, it must be lab tested, verified and those results need to be readily available.

It's no coincidence that when we consume cannabis, regulation is what we're seeking -- a way to balance our emotions, bodies and mental health with cannabinoids. Through consumption, our bodies feel balanced or regulated as the cannabinoids work with our brain's receptors to stimulate energy, metabolism and energy through regulation.

Over the past five years I've met so many people who are canna-curious but not confident to take the first step. My goal is to open the dialog so people can dip their toe in the pond; find out what to look for and what questions to ask. It's important that I regulate my narrative to foster that caution so that more people will look toward plant-based medicine for safe relief.

Since my first Chime&Chill event in September 2018, I've shown up with lab-testing on my oral solutions and base cannabinoids. More importantly, I spend most of my time teaching people how to read a lab report versus selling products. Lab-testing ensures that the product is dosed the way I claim it is. Lab-testing lets you know as a customer that what you are about to put in you will become a good part of you.

Last Thursday I delivered my third round of production product to Talon Analytical in Long Island to triple check the oral solution's potency and safety from residual solvents and heavy metals. Although our production team tests throughout the process to confirm safety and accuracy before completing production, this final test serves as the last step to let you know as a customer that it is what we say it is. And we triple checked it.

Four days later, I received reports to confirm that my product meets every safety standard which provides peace of mind to my retail partners, suppliers, and customers. I can ship with confidence.

Cannabis as medicine helps me regulate my inflammation condition, depression, push past emotional trauma and "softens my edges so I'm less of an asshole." Regulating my focus, energy and motivation keeps me on the go to maximize my days, track my "million-dollar ideas" and enjoy family fun.

My testing records make me proud. They are my commitment to our community and our customers. The first round of testing in 2021 cost more than my entire production run was worth. People thought I was crazy. Without that Certificate of Analysis I wouldn't have gotten on the shelf at Etain Health. That retail exposure set me in motion to be able to incorporate sustainable packaging, secure a New York State certified processor to manufacture my formulations, make my way to adult use dispensaries, got listed on Weedmaps and expand my brand vision.

Thanks for being a part of my journey and allowing me to participate in yours. That's my time, I'm off to Chime!

xo, kimber

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