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Happy Hemp Day!

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Hello, HIGH! I'm Kimber. I love Wednesdays. For some reason, hump day has always been my favorite day for catch up and follow up. When I worked in Sales and Product development, all of my buyers knew me as "Happy Hump Day" because every Wednesday morning like clockwork there was an email from me filled with happy hump day wishes. It made me smile to think that someone else would get a smile or smirk too.

Since I started working in the cannabis space in 2018, my Wednesday mantra has affectionately evolved into "Happy Hemp Day." Someone recently asked me if that was a NY thing and I responded, "it's my thing ... so yes, it's a NY Vibe."

For the past six years I've been speaking out about cannabis as medicine and sharing my story with the plant. How I got unexplainably sick in 2022 with a chronic condition that left me with a vast span of issues that limited my mobility. Six months later, I diagnosed by biopsy with a rare autoimmune disorder that compromised my immune system. In a matter of months, I was taking more than a dozen pills a day trying to find any combination that could provide relief.

And then I realized that the cannabis I was consuming was helping ... in different ways. My love of kitchen gadgets and playing the role of mad scientist helped me discover that this same plant could offer a lot of different options for me to balance my health.

Slowly, I used this plant to remove 18 daily pills from diet over the course of seven years and still maintain/manage my rare auto-immune condition. Removing the pills allowed me to enjoy daily living again. Even with COVID creating more flare ups for my condition, I've managed to stay pharmaceutical-free for the past 12 years or so.

Five years ago my passion for the plant, science and researched evolved into Chime&Chill. Through local education I wanted to provide knowledge about a way to offer some ease, balance and relief into daily living -- even without psycho-activity. That cannabis could be consumed in ways outside of smoking or "combusting" and offer benefits to help our bodies thrive.

This week someone asked me how my line came to be and I shared how every item started as a way for me to manage my blood disorder but each one evolved into the assortment today as I worked to find relief for my son as he faced a myriad of rare illnesses and disorders. Hearing that video played back, I realized that it's been quite a journey. I'm so proud to be here, and thank you for the constant support.

xo, kimber

Photo Credit: Patricia, Director of the Street.

Union Square Travel Agency, 13th & Broadway

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