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 the passion for wellness 


Anxiety and restless nights ruled our home. We were constantly on edge; never really feeling well rested. It seemed as if sleeping pills, anti-anxiety meds, and bottles of wine were our only solution ... except, well, they really didn't work either.        A friend recommended CBD Oil to help create a sense of calm. However, there were so many items on the market. It seemed as if every oral solution was made with MCT-Oil. As a Nut-Free household, that simply wasn't an option for us. And when we did find products we could use, very often they had a taste and smell that was too strong to bear. The measuring was way too complicated; we can barely do math and new math!

     We knew that there had to be a better way to experience wellness. We wanted to offer piece of mind ... in the palm of our hand without any stress with measuring -- or  allergy attacks. Working with superior partners, we are able to offer the only Safflower Based Single Serving of CBD. 

     Many of our clients experience reduced anxiety, inflammation, nausea, joint pain, appetite and improved sleep. 

    We hope that you Chime & find your CHILL with our Wellness Oil


Kimber & Crew 

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