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Pick Me Up, Baby!

One of my favorite Sunday afternoon childhood memories is having Italian food with my grandmother. We always ended the meal with tiramisu for dessert. The waiter always told us that in English it translated to "the pick me up. Each bite made us feel more uplifted and cheerful. When I started dating my husband, one of the waiters at a tiny restaurant in Bensonhurst would tell us that it was the dessert for lovers as it was the cheer, we needed to end the night. In both cases, tiramisu has been a catalyst for happiness.

When I first started dabbling with parts of the plant outside of THC, I noticed that small doses of CBD layered into my day would help sustain me through my retail days and long drives. While I was taking 15mg of CBD in the morning and adding another 25mg to my evening routine, I was still hitting the midday slump.

One afternoon during coffee time in the corporate kitchen, I added another 10mg of CBD solution in the middle of day would give me a boost of energy. This tiny dosage helped me find a little calmer and pep to finish the day. After a few weeks, I realized that I was skipping my 3 p.m. coffee and snack break. The need to escape my desk just didn’t hit the same way. Eventually, this 3 p.m. extra dosage of cannabinoids became my first "P.M.U. Oral Solution", short for "Pick-Me-Up".

As research and education evolved, I learned why I so easily fell in love with so many of the minor cannabinoids, their unique properties. Through my journaling, I realized that each one helped me a little differently with my mood, body pain but my focus was on reducing the inflammation that triggered my auto-immune condition to flare. And the more cannabinoids I consumed, the more soothed my body felt. As my son faced a myriad of different illnesses and rare infections, more of these minor cannabinoids went from our daily living treatments and into my brand. Because if you find something to help yourself, wouldn't you want to help everyone around you too?

Having access to world-wide information has offered options to help piece more of the cannabis puzzle together. Over the past five years, our product -- and our knowledge base -- has evolved. Our original single serving containers were painted by hand to help customers distinguish the solutions. One of our first customers would tell me that she could "smell the paint" and it made her feel nauseated and triggered headaches. While she was only one of three customers to complain, it made me very aware of how something as simple as a smell can trigger the body. With healing being a motivation, making even one person uncomfortable didn't sit well.

Now we use screwable vials with colored can be reused or recycled. Our original package had seven daily doses for $20. We evolved into the 10-pack based on feedback for $30. From a stickered mylar bag, we went into a tin before creating a sustainable outer package made with post-consumer waste. Each change a burst of pride and commitment to the journey.

When I was first introduced to THCv, it was through concentrate. Dark crystals I had never seen before. It was rare and expensive; I was able to grab it in California or Vegas during my business trips meetings. A little dab would create a day of focus, energy, and a tenacious desire to accomplish. I didn't know what it stood for. I didn't care. I just loved that it made me feel like I was on "CBD with an extra boost of umph" and that I had one safe resource to obtain it. Once COVID quarantine halted the world in 2020, it also meant that my access to my wonder medicine was gone.

That's when I turned to research. I learned about plants that grow high yields of THCv such as Durban Poison, Dutch Passion and Doug's Varin. Since I prefer to work in isolated cannabinoids, finding cultivars was only one issue. As an isolate, it was my first crystal to work with versus a powder or even a liquid like CBC. That means I needed a processor to help me work on formulations. After 3 trial runs, we landed on the 20mg dose. Enough for a true cannabis consumer to feel the elevation but not so much that a newcomer would be unsettled.

Tetrahydrocannabivarin or THCv creates an energizing feeling of euphoria while helping create focus. During my darkest days, it helps me tap into that burst of happy energy and cheer to drive myself through the day. Although I constantly hear it referred to as the "diet weed", for me that seems like another misnomer. I prefer to call THCv the "sports car" of cannabinoids because it offers this short burst of energy and exuberance to jolt your system. When combined with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it reduces some of intense psychoactivity that frightens new consumers. And for those of us with medical issues that require higher doses of THC for pain relief, adding THCv to the consumption allows you to benefit from the pain relief without increasing panic or anxiety. Since I consume large amounts of cannabinol or CBN will stimulate eating and hunger -- making it a great cannabinoid for people suffering from cachexia or anorexia. However, the THCv balances out that appetite stimulation created by the CBN. By layering these cannabinoids, I'm experiencing the best each has to offer.

THCv has been known to control sugar and may be helpful in controling diabetes.

because of some of these initial studies, it has earned the reputation of diet weed. While many do find that THCv does help minimize mindless munching, those of us suffering from eating disorders will share that when it comes to binge eating, the mind is more powerful than any suppresant. (Tip: if you notice that you start craving snacks after you consume THC, drink flavored water, or have a mint. If that does not curb your sensation for taste and smell, take a small dose of CBD sublingually to curb the craving and reduce your sensory overload.)

When I consume THCv daily, I do notice that I crave different things. My mind is busy and engaged instead of flashing images of salty, crispy sensory snacks on a movie strip in my mind. Being able to concentrate is my goal.

THCv isn't a miracle solution, but it can be helpful. Want to try it for yourself? Visit our website, or our friends at Etain Health NYC tomororw and be the first try. Kingston and Union Square Travel agency customers, P.M.U. Oral Solution and the TRIO ChimeCard be on the shelf next week!

Just a reminder, our product is NYS Lab tested and certified for safety against metals, residual solvents and the dosage matches our claim.

Check out last week's blog on lab testing here!

As always, thanks for the time. I'm off to chime!



Just a reminder: I'm not a doctor and this is not medical advice. I am just a person with a rare autoimmune condition who used plant-based medicine -- with the help of my doctor -- to remove 18 pharmacetuicals from my daily diet. Always consult with your doctor and pharmacy team before adding new supplements into your daily schedule. Journal how you feel once you make an addition so you can share with your health professionals.

Have any questions? Email me at Cheers!


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