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Soothe the day away with a Chime&Chill Single Serving Soak. Each packet contains 6oz of Magnesium Chloride Flakes is infused with Chamomile & Sage as well as 200mg of total cannabinoids. Each bag has 100mg CBD and 100mg CBN for relief and relaxation for tired, sore muscles.  


Great for Tub Time or a Spa Soak to revive tired, sore feet. 


PRO TIP: For maximum relief layer your PM CBD : CBN lotion post soak! 

Spa Flakes | PM | CBD:CBN

  • Directions: Pour the entire packet into your tub or foot basin for a foot soak. Use warm water and soak for 15-20minutes.  Relax. Soak. Chill … and Chime to pass the time while you soak!       

    Make sure that the water is warm versus HOT to ensure the opportunity for the ideal absorption. 


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