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Wash away the day's anxiety with a PM Chime&Chill. Helps take the evening edge off as well as relax you for bed. Continuous use helps you relax, stay calm and some say soothe muscle spasms. When layered with other cannabinoids, many patients fall -- and stay -- asleep after adding CBN to their diet. Also reduces anxiety, inflammation, nausea, headaches and sleep disorders.


Our 2:1 Chime&Chill PM contains 2 parts of CBD and 1 part CBN. It offers the consistent calm with the benefits of CBN which helps us stay relaxed, calm and chill. 


Each pre-measured dosage now contains 30mg of cannabinoids suspended in .3g of safflower oils.
20mg of CBD

10mg of CBN


- Each package has 10 individual doses - great for on-the-go ease!                                                                   - Our updated color-coded vials have a screw on top to prevent leaking and to ensure that you get every last drop of solution! 
- Our new sustainable packaging is manufactured by RDX CO in NJ is with post consumer recycled waste.                                                                                                -

- Our new formula is manufactured by Emerald City NY in Hudson Valley.


MCT & Nut Free
3rd Party NYS Lab Tested

PM Oral Solutions

SKU: CCPM100-2
  • Each packet contains a 10 single servings of of cannabinoids  and Safflower Oil.

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