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We’re back with an updated formula and package! Our new 2:1 Chime&Chill AM still offers a sense of focus mixed with a consistent calming. Get ready to take on the day!
- Each pre-measured dosage now contains 30mg of cannabinoids suspended in .3g of safflower oil:
20mg of CBD
10mg of CBG
- Each package has 10 individual doses - great for on-the-go ease!                                                                   - Our updated color-coded vials have a screw on top to prevent leaking and to ensure that you get every last drop of solution! 

- Our new sustainable packaging is manufactured by RDX CO in NJ is with post consumer recycled waste.

- Our new formula is manufactured by Emerald City NY in Hudson Valley.


MCT & Nut Free
3rd Party NYS Lab Tested

Oral Solutions | AM | CBD:CBG

SKU: CCAM100-2
  • Each packet contains a 10 single servings of CBD and CBG suspended in Safflower Oil.

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