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10 Single Servings of Cannabinoid Wellness

Pocket Size Relief

The Wellness Oil

Wellness is our focus at Chime&Chill. Our Wellness Oil that helps you achieve a focus while experiencing a sense of calm, peace of mind and even restful sleep. 


Our product is completely odorless and nearly tastefree but will give you a nearly instant wave of calm.

Ready to Chime & Find your chill?

Shake the vial.

Unscrew the top.

Put the liquid under your tongue.

Hold for 10 - 15 seconds.

Swallow any liquid that wasn't absorbed. Get ready to embrace your Chill!

Directions & Dosing
Accessible Wellness

Each Chime&Chill Single Serving of CBD is premeasured to dispense the perfect dosage of reflief oil in each vial. 

Each packet contains 10 Single Servings to help you supplement your regimen. 

Our goal is to offer attainable and accessible ways to experience CBD Wellness by layering cannabinoids.

100% Nut Free

We use Safflower Oil as our carrier oil to eliminate the use of all Nut Ingredients including MCT Oil in our products. 


In addition to reducing inflammation, Safflower Oils has been known to:

  •  improve blood sugar levels;

  •  boost heart health; 

  •  lower cholesterol; 

  •  soothe dry skin.

We recommend using the last drops of your Chime&Chill AM  and PM under your eyes to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

As with CBD, Safflower causes a slight thinning of the blood. Please let your doctors know that you are taking CBD products, especially if you take blood thinners. 

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