Anyone with an endocanabinoid system can benefit from CBD Wellness -- and that includes our furry babies! We've designed a Mini Chime&Chill Single Serving of CBD for your pets. It's a smaller amount of safflower oil to avoid digestive issues. There are 14 single servings to help your lil furry reduce anxiety, pain, inflammation and behaviorial issues.  

LoveYourPet: 5mg

SKU: 710-5
  • Each packet contains a 7-day supply of CBD and Safflower Oil. Depending on your pet's size, behaviorial issues and pain, many of our clients give their pet two servings per day. 

  • Give your furry baby a Pet Friendly Chime&Chill in the morning and afternoon. Feel free to add to a treat or food but make sure the entire treat is ingested. It will take time for the benefit to show behaviorally.


    If possible, give to your pet orally -- either in the side of the cheek or apply to a small portion of water. The solution will sit on top and your baby will ingest in the first gulp or two. Get ready to  Chillax! Smooch!