Already a CBD Pro? Looking for any easy solution while at home that is a little greener? Look no further! Our 15ml ChimeTime Bottle has 40 doses that are 25mg each! That's equal to 40 nights of Chime&Chill PM -- but you can use it in smaller dosages too! 


It's the same great solution -- both taste-free AND nut-free. Made with Safflower Oil and CBD Isolate, this bottle allows you to determine the perfect dosage. 


Oral Solutions can be:

* ingested orally:

* applied topically;

* added to food & beverage. 

It's Chimetime! -- 1000mg Bottle

  • Fill the dropper 3/4 of the way to obtain 40 doses that are 25mg each. 

    Half of this will amount will be approximately 12.5mg.


    If you fill the dropper completely, you will get a 33mg dosage.



  • Directions: Use dropper for desired dose. Hold under your tongue for 10 seconds and swallow. 


    Solution can be added to favorite food or beverage (avoid acidic foods) or applied topically to an inflammed area.