Interested in CBD Wellness but find taking an oral solution off-putting? If so, these transdermal patches are perfect for you! Our time release technology helps release both the CBD and B12 through your blood stream through out the day for a constant sense of calm.


Each packet contains a 7 days supply! Our patches are great for travel and easy to use! Just peel back the corner and apply to a dry and hair free area of skin!

AM Patch: Revive & Energize

    1. Gently cleanse and rinse skin thoroghly and dry the application area prior to use. Do NOT use moisturizing soap, lotion or astringent.
    2. Open package on the dottled and pull apart the zipper so you can remove 1 AM patch. Reseal the package after use. 
    3. Never apply more than 3 patches at a time. Do not wear patch longer than 12 hours. 


    • * you develop a rash, skin iritation or itchiness;
    • * your condition worsen or symptoms persist longer than 7 days.

    Made in the USA. 

    Manufactured by Vivex.

    • If swallowed call the poison control center at 1.800.222.1222. 
    • Consult a health care practioner before use if you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications.