Looking for calm and clarity? Our 2:1 CBD & CBG Spray is here to help you re-create an enhanced version of our PM or KO with out emptying the bottle! Great for vacations and jetsetters as summer break starts!


Each squirt has 5mg of CBD Isolate, 2.5mg of CBG Isolate  and Safflower Oil so you can take as much as you need to keep anxiety at bay. Each bottle has 500mg CBD Isolate, 250mg CBG and Safflower Oil for approximately 100 squirts.



2:1 Oral Spray - CBD: CBG

  • 2 squirts = 1 Chime & Chill PickMeUp with 10mg of CBD;

    3 squirts = 1 Chime & Chill AM with 15mg of CBD;

    5 squirts = 1 Chime & Chill PM with 25mg of CBD;

    10 squirts = 1 Chime & Chill KO with 50mg of CBD. 

  • Shake the bottle.

    Spray the solution onto the inside of your cheek. You can also squirt under your tongue. We recommend one squirt on the inside of each cheek.



    Oral Solutions may be:

    * ingested orally;

    * applied topically;

    * added to food & beverage.